Municipal, Local Government, & Public Authority

Legal challenges regularly confront local governments. Cities, counties, towns, villages, special districts, and public authorities face procedural and operational issues and lawsuits that require expert legal representation.

At Ackerman, Levine, Cullen, Brickman & Limmer, LLP, our municipal and public authority practice includes representation of:

▪ Villages

▪ Towns

▪ A public authority

▪ Park, water, and sewer districts

▪ Boards of trustees

▪ Boards of appeals

▪ Zoning and planning boards

▪ Architectural review committees

▪ Landmarks and historic preservation commission


Legal Services for Municipalities, Local Governments, and Public Authorities

Often serving as general counsel to local governments, our attorneys provide a wide range of transactional and litigation services.

Along with continuing legal advice, when needed, our attorneys draft, revise, and amend local laws, resolutions, contracts, deeds, easements, and other legal instruments.

In conjunction with the firm’s litigation attorneys, we regularly represent municipal boards and committees in Article 78 and other contested proceedings. Our municipal, local government, and public authority representation includes trials, appeals, hearings, mediation, and settlement negotiations, involving:


▪ Planning, zoning, and land use issues

▪ Civil rights claims

▪ Employee benefits

▪ Procurement policy

▪ Contractor claims

▪ Annexations

▪ Extension of public services

▪ Redistricting procedures

▪ Provision of municipal services

▪ Tax certiorari


Referring Attorneys

Other attorneys take advantage of our firm’s experience of more than 70 years in municipal, local government, and public authority representation. Serving as special counsel, we handle applications and transactions with government agencies and appearances before public bodies on behalf of individuals and business ventures. We put our expertise to work for developers and land owners seeking municipal approvals, re-zoning, subdivisions, and other project-related legal work.

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For more information about our municipal, local government and pubic authority practice and the range of expertise we offer, please contact one of the firm’s attorneys listed below to arrange a consultation.


Municipal, Local Government, and Public Authority Attorneys

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