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At Ackerman, Levine, Cullen, Brickman & Limmer, LLP, we have broad experience in real estate transactions, representing a diversity of individual and commercial clients. Our firm’s real estate practice extends to:

  • Purchases, sales, and leases of office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and other commercial facilities, residential homes, cooperative apartments, condominiums, and land transactions
  • Counseling real estate management entities
  • Tax advantaged disposition of property, including forward and reverse exchanges under existing Internal Revenue Code regulations. (For larger matters, we work closely with a client’s accounting firm on federal and state income tax issues.)
  • Cooperative corporation governance of their entities, including sale and transfer of individual units, contract reviews, refinance of underlying mortgages, and compliance with municipal regulations
  • Representing developers in securing tax abatements and incentive programs, such as IDA financing and NYC ICAP tax benefits
  • Representing lenders and borrowers in the financing of commercial ventures
  • Representing title insurance companies and their insureds
  • Zoning and land use issues
  • Representing landlords and tenants in every aspect of real estate-related matters, including leasing and landlord and tenant litigation


In conjunction with the firm’s trusts and estates attorneys, we regularly assist clients with estate planning for family owned real estate. Our extensive experience with succession planning helps clients control, manage, and preserve family businesses.

We also have a significant real estate controversy practice. Our attorneys represent clients in trial proceedings, receiverships, bankruptcies, appeals, mediation, and settlement negotiations.

Our firm also handles all types of real estate litigation and clients, including, among others, title insurance companies and their insureds in prosecuting and defending claims involving such issues as fraud, forgery, defalcation, property line disputes, and priority title disputes.

Our attorneys are adept at resolving complex issues, often through creative solutions and persistence. The following examples reflect the breadth of our real estate practice.

  • As the result of a court appointment, one of our partners served as Receiver for the Wyndham Apartments, a 354-unit condominium complex in Garden City, New York, in the single largest contested real estate foreclosure in the history of Nassau County at the time. His management of the project, coupled with the legal representation provided by our firm, resulted in a notable sale at auction, and the project is now a successful condominium complex.
  • Our firm represents the developer of a major project in the construction of the first fashion enclosed mall shopping center to be built in New York City in 40 years, including the financing and leasing of the project.
  • We have handled many matters using the benefits of Internal Revenue Code Section 1031, allowing investors to create tax-free exchanges of real property (thus deferring tax consequences), including a more novel transaction where we recently assisted a client in acquiring a property prior to selling (a concept known as reverse exchange, which is often useful in a volatile real estate market).


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For more information about our real estate practice and the range of expertise we offer, please contact one of the firm’s real estate attorneys to arrange a consultation.


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