Business & Commercial Law

Successful business enterprises begin with experienced legal counsel. Working with a lawyer to plan and develop your business is invaluable in helping you avoid common pitfalls and future controversies that can derail business operations.

At Ackerman, Levine, Cullen, Brickman & Limmer, LLP, our business and commercial practice provides a full range of legal services for commercial and individual clients, including:

▪ Entity formation and business planning
▪ Mergers and acquisitions
▪ Contracts
▪ Shareholder, membership, and partnership agreements
▪ Employment agreements
▪ Business dissolutions
▪ Financial transactions
▪ Computer law
▪ Franchising


Our goal is to add value and efficiency for all of our clients with coordinated legal services. Our business and commercial lawyers work closely with our firm’s other practice groups in real property transactions (including municipal and zoning regulation); and trusts, estates, and succession planning.

Entity Formation and Business Planning

Trusted legal advice and guidance are essential when structuring new business entities, partnerships, or other business arrangements. Our business and commercial law attorneys assist clients in choosing the type of business structure most suitable for their circumstances.

Corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies carry different tax implications and exposure to personal liability for company contracts or lawsuits, and provide varying degrees of flexibility in terms of management responsibilities and allocation of business profits and losses.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are sophisticated transactions that require in-depth understanding of relevant legal concepts. Our attorneys have decades of experience negotiating and documenting stock and asset acquisitions and sales, reorganizations, recapitalizations, subsidiary spin-offs, mergers, consolidations, and similar transactions. Ackerman, Levine, Cullen, Brickman & Limmer, LLP, attorneys have handled many such transactions in sizes ranging from $100,000 to hundreds of millions of dollars.


Our business and commercial law attorneys routinely negotiate, draft, and review contracts of all types, including:

▪ Shareholder, membership, joint venture, and partnership agreements

▪ Employment agreements

▪ Loan and financing agreements

▪ Purchase order terms and conditions

▪ Equipment leases

▪ Outsourcing agreements

▪ Pledge and security agreements

▪ General business contracts

▪ Intellectual property licenses

▪ Software licenses

▪ Development agreements

▪ Hardware purchase agreements

▪ Shrink-wrap licenses

▪ Website agreements

Business Dissolutions

In “business divorce” matters, our attorneys represent members of professional practices in the health care, legal, accounting, architectural, and engineering fields, owners of closely held and family corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, and we are sensitive to the economic, psychological, emotional, and physical cost involved in disputes among family members or business or professional partners who have been together for years. While we are always prepared to litigate a business or partnership dispute if necessary, we advocate resolutions that will preserve, to the extent possible, familial and social relationships, while protecting our clients’ rights to the fullest.

Financial Transactions

No one should undertake important financial commitments without appropriate legal review of all underlying documentation. Our attorneys are experienced in a wide range of financial transactions, including secured and unsecured bank loans, private debt and equity offerings, factoring agreements, accounts receivable financing, and similar transactions.


Our lawyers represent both franchisors and franchisees. More than 25 years’ experience in franchising has given our attorneys the expertise to provide the practical business guidance necessary to develop successful franchise operations and to assist franchisors and franchisees in navigating the complexity of franchise regulations.

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Whether you are planning a new business venture or need legal help drafting contracts, preparing a merger or acquisition, or engaging in a franchised business, our attorneys have the skills and experience to help you meet your objectives.


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