In contested matters, we serve regularly as local counsel to New York City, upstate, and out-of-town firms, in state and federal courts and administrative tribunals in Nassau and Suffolk counties and throughout the metropolitan New York area.  In transactional and planning matters, we regularly provide New York specific counsel for other law firms regarding New York law aspects of matters which have a principal connection to another state or country.  In all matters, our involvement ranges from providing appropriate local presence, often includes advising as to local law and procedures and appearing for routine court engagements, and extends, as requested by the lawyers retaining us, through the provision of substantial portions of the client’s representation.  We tailor our advice and case strategies to suit the objectives of the client as determined in consultation with the client’s regular counsel and as the matter warrants.  We respect the existing relationship between the client and its regular counsel, and we enjoy good relationships with firms in other jurisdictions that call upon us repeatedly for assistance.

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